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A Letter To Coaches From Our Exec. Board

By MHCA, 11/20/20, 11:45AM CST


Updates after the Nov. 18 mandate

November 18th, 2020


Today our executive board members were informed that by Executive Order by Governor Tim Walz, they are instituting a pause on amateur sports throughout the state of Minnesota effective Friday, November 20th through Friday December 18th. All levels of hockey (excluding collegiate or professional) must pause during the next four weeks. This will obviously delay the start of our high school season and put the “Bridge” season on pause.


To hear hockey will be paused until December 18th is disappointing. We know the importance of sport has on the mental and physical health of our players. We also know student athletes benefit tremendously from the camaraderie, physical activity and inspiration our sport provides. However, exponential growth of the infections and hospitalizations in our state made that impossible.


We understand why the decision was made. Covid-19 is a devastating virus, as too many people have found out across our state. It is important that the spread of this virus is controlled so that more lives can be saved. In addition to controlling the spread, this delay/pause is being implemented at this time in an attempt to save as much of our season, as possible.


The large majority of our members have been doing everything that has been asked and our data backs that up. Just like in a hockey game you might do your very best and still not get the reward you are due. It is disappointing, but you get back up and rededicate yourself to the next challenge. We know all of us are disappointed, but we also believe we will meet the challenge once again.


We will work to keep everyone up to date on any information we receive during the delay/pause. We will continue to coordinate with MSHSL through our Hockey Advisory on Return to Play Guidelines, State Tournament and Safety Protocols.


Mike MacMillan, MHCA Executive Director

Jon Ammerman, MHCA President

Mike Taylor, MHCA President Elect