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Pre-Game Warm-up Jersey Directive

By MHCA Staff, 08/16/17, 10:00AM CDT


MSHSL member school hockey teams have elected to wear in past seasons, or are considering for this up-coming season, the wearing of a sponsor jersey or a special recognition jersey for warmups.  If a hockey team is going to wear a jersey for warmup that is not the official game jersey the following must take place.

  1. The jerseys must be numbered and the numbers must comply with the specifications of NFHS Hockey Rule 2-1-2:

    1. The number on the back of the jersey must be at least 10-inch high Gothic lettering;

    2. The number must be contrasting in color with the color of the jersey; and

    3. Numbers on the sleeves are not required.


  1. The player wearing the warmup jersey must be identified prior to warmup one of two ways:

    1. The warmup jersey number corresponds with the number on the game roster provided to the official scorer; or

    2. If the warmup jersey number is different than the game jersey a complete warmup roster with names and numbers must be provided to the official scorer.


If the game officials determine the warmup jersey is not in compliance with the specifications above the player or players will be asked to change into their game jersey for the remainder of the warmups. If a player fails to comply, he or she will be asked to leave the ice and they will not be allowed to participate in the remainder of the warmups.